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well being is about more than just what you eat

it's about creating the life you want

in the body you love


nurture your

mind & body


Image by Brooke Lark

discover the food your body will

thrive on

Image by Peter Conlan

foster a lifestyle

aligned to the best

version of you

Together we will design and personalize your path forward that suits your needs and highest goals

for ultimate health and happiness


I believe in the healing

power of the body

      Hi! I'm Rosie Mae,

I am here to help support you on your health journey. Let's find your groove and set you in motion to feel confident and healthy!

Over the past decade, I have been on a continuous exploration of my body's unique needs, natural strengths, and weaknesses. This journey has required so much patience, and I understand the frustration of searching for answers in your health journey.

I get the struggles! I come from a background of skin-related inflammatory conditions such as acne and psoriasis. My healing journey is proof that it is possible to feel energized, healthy, and to thrive anew.  I believe in the power of nutrition and holistic medicine as major tools to acheive balanced living.

Throughout my training with nutrition and healing, I have gained many tools to

support your health journey

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Nutritional Coaching

1-on-1 ongoing support

What my clients thrive on more than anything is accountability! Getting to support you in this 3-month program will set you in motion and keep you on track much more adequately than a one-off session.  Allow this change to be long-term with ongoing support.


This support goes deep, and it is truly my pleasure to be your trusted Nutritional Practitioner.

Food Sensitivity Testing Included

+ other clinical tests available on request

Finding out objective information about your unique body's needs is paramount to creating a personalized plan that works for you and is tailored to your body's own strengths and weaknesses.  

These tests, among many others that I offer within my coaching program, can help you listen to your body's loudest messages.

Writing on a Notebook

Meal Planning & Food Journalling

Included with all my 1-1 clients is meal planning and menu ideas, as well as food journalling before we get started, and during our time together. As I work alongside my nutrition practice as a Personal Chef, I truly understand the importance of planning and organization in order to reach greater goals with health, time, and finances. Bringing awareness to the areas of what you are consuming on a daily/weekly/monthly basis give me a lot of information about your habits, and ways you can shift into more supportive habits over time.  

Preparing Healthy Food

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