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How I felt safe being vulnerable

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Vulnerability is a form of strength. Especially for powerful women.

Sometimes when I express my deepest, raw vulnerability.....

I feel badly for being so enthusiastic about my authentic vulnerable nature

I feel that the blessing of it, becomes a curse

Feeling so much, not hiding

It is not so

I’m discovering that this is one of my greatest strengths

This is my journey into accepting,


The full scope of my being

Vulnerability breeds compassion

It allows others the chance to witness,

And show up as a supportive ally

Authenticity reveals the truth in your connections

Like a clam out of its shell, being vulnerable can feel dangerous

Like you’ve given up your hard outer shell,

To feel the breeze in the wild world

Of unexpected twists and turns

It is living fully. Living deeply, madly, embodied in what is subjective truth

But that doesn’t make it easy

Accepting myself has been, and is, a journey

No one ever said it would be easy to live a life committed to feeling fully alive

Exposing that inner tenderness, without expectation or attachment

Of what others may think, or see

It is foolish to take in judgments as any form of my personal truth

Devastating, it is, to see people struggle with sharing their real selves

In a world where being fake seems safer then risking being seen fully

Disconnected from our ability to receive love and support,

Or to even be witnessed in a tender, tough place

It has become normal to act like we’re all good, all the time

How in-human, how false and uninteresting

Yet it is a deep inner yearning, is it not?

To be seen, accepted, loved, and supported for who we truly are

Without the need to change or alter any one thing

Real love and humanness, you may say

How can we allow others to show up for us,

If we’re pretending to be so damn resilient and independent all the time

Why has it become so rare to share our sorrow, our pain

Always saving it for a ‘safer’ time, when the truth of our vulnerability could not be judged

The truth is that now is as good as ever

Give your loved ones, and even strangers, a chance to share their human hearts

They beat for it

Vulnerability, strength, joy

One cannot exist without the other

Take down your walls, I’ll take down mine

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