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You were literally born to shine!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

People who will belittle you, criticize you, and tell you to be something less great and wild, are here to test you. Thank them, and move on.

You were literally born to shine, born to create, born to unite, born to MAKE AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN. How can we be the change if we’re not allowing ourselves to be fully embodied in our being, to please others, and make sure no ones gets ‘uncomfortable’.. to this I say a big F**K THAT.

No more waiting for perfect timing. No more quieting down. You are a voice for the voiceless, you have something important to say, and you know it.

The world literally is starving for more fierce human beings, who say it like it is, and shine light on the truth.

Most of the humans I am inspired by have never followed the status quo, or rules about how life should look. They created their own story. Those are the ones who make history.

So go on then, speak up, and own what you have to say and share with the world.

I dare you

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