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Hey, let's get started with a 

to explore your health goals

Services designed to support you

What do you need to move forward in your health journey?

If you want a deep dive and a full holistic nutrition reset, take the commitment of a full 3 month program. If you need help making everyday healthy living easier, I can tailor weekly meal plans perfect for any food requirements under the sun. I absolutely support the full 3-month program, as continuous, steady change and accountability are paramount to long-term success.

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Holistic Nutrition

3 month commitment towards greater, long-lasting health and wellness


Meal Planning

Holistic recipe collection designed just for you


Personal Chef

Have me as your personal chef for events, retreats, private dinners, or recipe development

My flavour of holistic nutrition

Holistic healing encompasses many different aspects of our lives - it's not just the food we eat, but so much more. Our bodily systems are supported in a variety of ways, such as sleep, movement, human connection & more.

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My practice encompasses functional nutrition, herbal medicine, clinical testing, lifestyle coaching, and a focus on gut health and microbiome rehabilitation.  We won't leave out the important parts in this holistic, method of nutrition coaching and support.  Even your emotions play a large role in the state of your health. 


It's ok to ask for support

Through my own food journey I've come to realize that accountability is so important.  I'll go ahead and say it's CRUCIAL to long-term accomplishment of goals, and to creating lasting change. If you are serious about your next steps, I highly recommend the 3 month nutrition coaching program, I will be by your side each step of the way as we focus intimately on your health experience.


With my knowledge & experience, combined with specific clinical testing & guided by your intuitive body's wisdom, we can create epic results and fulfillment.

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Food Preparation

 from my clients


“We sought out Rosie’s services when our business became so busy that we weren’t making the time to eat properly.

Rosie helps us to eat the most beautiful, colorful,

nutritious, and tasty meals.

Healthy Salad

xo Janice and Loren

She is deeply knowledgeable about nutrition

& clearly passionate about what she does.

It’s not an understatement to say that

Rosie has improved our lives considerably!

We’re so grateful.”

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

You are ready for deep commitment

in this 3 month, 1-on-1 container

incorporating food sensitivity testing

to create clinical specificity

to your program.

       -  including 6 x 60 min zoom sessions

       -  food sensitivity testing

       -  ongoing meal plans & recipes

       -  clinical testing booking & analysis

       - goal accountability encouragement

       - and more

Let's get set up on a free 15 min discovery call to discuss your goals and how I can support you.

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Meal Planning Support

Are you wanting to cook for specific dietary needs like allergies, gluten free, vegan, nut free, soy free.......

You tell me your preferences & I will create a well-balanced & nutritious meal plan

to make your week easy & healthy!

Tailored recipes just right for you!


Fill in this quick food survey to get started...

Food blog

Personal Chef Service

Showcasing my absolute delight for beauty, my immersive culinary experience will tantalize your full senses and fill your cup with a nutritious and delicious banquet.  I create with local, organic, fresh, in-season ingredients, and I provide you with unique dishes curated just for you and your event.

Weddings, events, workshops, family celebrations, trainings, and more...

Nutrition Anchor
MealPlanning Anch
Personal Chef
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